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About Us

Kevin & Natalie Woodhead – Pillion in a Million

These days when we spend so much time at work, finding a way to spend quality time with friends & family is not always easy to do.

So why not combine it. How much do you enjoy the social aspect of riding as well as the actual ride itself. How often do you invite someone to come for a ride and they say “no I better stay home and spend time with my partner, we haven’t seen much of each other this week”  Or how often have you stopped somewhere and a fellow rider has said “Gee my partner would love this place, its a shame they are not comfortable on the bike and wont come along for the ride”  Are you guilty of saying those sort of things?

We have been riding two up for over 6 years now and the experience has gotten better the longer we have ridden. We found the more comfortable I became as a pillion, the more relaxed Kevin became with me on the back of the bike and the better we rode.

Now, through a combination of techniques, tools, and trust our riding has become so enjoyable that we have found a fantastic and diverse group of people we ride with quite frequently. From Limited Edition Ducati’s & MV Augusta’s to Kawasaki Z1000 & Honda CBR600s, from backgrounds as varied as tradies to specialists, from age brackets from the 20s to the 60s, we all love riding and want to share the experience.

The ultimate experience for us so far as a Rider & Pillion, has been riding two up through Tuscany Italy, coast to coast on Ducati’s, indulging my love of MotoGP and anything Valentino Rossi, to Kevins love of doing track days which led to an unbelievable day spent at the Misano World Circuit.

It is the techniques, tools and trust that we have found that works, that we want to share with others, after all, having a travelling companion no matter how short or long the trip, is a wonderful thing.